Great show at County Developments

The weekend of 17th and 18th June, saw 24 Newmarket swimmers attend the County Development Meet which was held in Ipswich. 13 teams attended the meet, giving the Newmarket swimmers a high standard of competition. The swimmers that took part were Cameron Beavis, Alice Bradford, Brenna Broussard, Lainey Broussard, Thomas Deaton, Ruby Davis, Raven Dodsworth, Terri Dodsworth, Ella Dunham, Beatrice Gibbs, Isabella Kuemerle-Pinillos, Andrey Kuznetsov, Arielle Mabute, Ella McGonigle, Lewis Oliver, Joshua Passey, Daisy Phillips, Alexandra Rice, Charlotte Rice, Jack Saunders, Georgina Stokes, Millie Talbot, Flossie Talbot and Ralph Wesley. We had a great start to the meet with Ella M, Andrey, Joshua, Beatrice and Ruby all winning bronze medal, Isabella, Ruby and Ella D winning silver and Georgina and Jack winning gold medals. Session 1 also saw a collective 39 pb’s. Session 2 saw our best medal haul of the weekend with, Ruby, Andrey, Terri, Joshua, Cameron, Flossie and Brenna winning bronze medals, Joshua, Ruby and Alexandra winning silver medals and Jack and Terri winning gold in their individual races. Session 2 saw 32 pb’s achieved. In the final session, our swimmers came away with 11 pb’s, 5 bronze medals coming from Cameron, Ruby, Isabella, Andrey and Jack, Georgina won a silver medal and Flossie won Gold. All our swimmer’s hard work and fantastic swims meant that Newmarket swimming club finished 10th out of 13 clubs that competed in the event. Thank you to all the parents for supporting, the officials for their commitment over the weekend, Tess for coming along on Saturday and supporting and Nicki for helping on poolside. A final ‘well done!’ to all our swimmers that competed at the event! You did Newmarket Swimming Club proud!

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