Long distance East Region Championship

The reverse long distance East Region Championships were held at Basildon on May 19th. Harry Saunders and Zak Baldwin represented Newmarket in the 800m f/c and Maeve Pooley and Romilly Marks represented Newmarket in the 1500m f/c.

Zak kicked the championships off for Newmarket swimming the 800m f/c in a long course time of 10:41.82 finishing 17th in his age group and achieving his first long course time. Harry swam next and achieved a time of 9:26.41 finishing 8th, achieving a long course pb. 

Romilly started the competition for Newmarket in the 1500m f/c and finished in a time of 20:04.02 finishing 4th in her age group and achieving her first long course time. Maeve swam next in the 1500m f/c achieving a time of 18:59.63 which is her first time long course time and saw her win a silver medal.

Well done Zak, Harry, Romilly and Maeve!

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