Masters success at East Regional Championships

8 Newmarket Masters swimmers had an excellent day at the East Region Masters Championships in Newmarket on Sunday 1st October. They were Janet Williams, Lisa Withers, Jane Smith, Peter Winter, Ashley Buck, Charlotte Stanley, Alice Theobald and Leslie Broussard. Between them they came away with 16 Gold, 4 Silver and 8 Bronze medals, including an individual East Region record for Janet Williams in the 55-59 year 200m backstroke and 3 of the girls from Newmarket (Janet Williams, Lisa Withers and Jane Smith) made up the majority of the record breaking Women's 200 year + freestyle relay, competing as Team Anglia Masters. Both Alice and Leslie also had Personal Best's in the 400m and 50m freestyle, respectively. Newmarket also had great representation in the officials with Mark Hall, Janette Hatton, Paul Hood, Chris Bellwood, Paul & Sylvia Bowman making for a smooth running event. The work of these volunteers is greatly appreciated as without them we would have no event.20171001_132724-1

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