Newham Results London Aquatic Centre

29 swimmers from Newmarket have just competed for the first time at the Stratford Olympic pool, experiencing how many International swimmers feel when diving of those blocks.

Swimmers that attended were Etholle & Romilly Marks , Gemma Booth, Curtis & Zak Baldwin, Raven & Terri Dodsworth, Jack & Harry Saunders, Cameron Beavis, Thomas Allison, Henry Newell, Chloe Pringle, Rose Green, Lili-Rose Merrifield, Beatrice Gibbs, Miriam Stratfold, Georgina Stokes, Tess Wesley, Ciara Gill-Ryan, Lauren Watt, Elsie & Maeve Pooley, Thomas Deaton, Joseph Bavey, Ruby Davis, Flossie Talbot, Joshua Passey & Lewis Oliver.

Over the weekend we gained 88 PB’s and 6 Bronze medals, 7 silver medals & 1 gold medal, which is excellent when looking at the level of some of the competition that we faced over the weekend.

Romilly  Silver (400m F/C) & Bronze (50m F/C)

Miriam  Gold (200m Br/s) & Silver (100m Br/s),

Lauren  3 Silver (50m,100m and 200m Br/s) and 2 Bronzes (200 IM and 100m F/C)

Thomas A  Silver (200m fly)

Thomas D  Bronze (100m Br/s)

Maeve  Silver (800m F/C)

Joseph  Bronze  (200m B/Cr)

Raven  Bronze 100m (B/Cr)

Congratulations to all our swimmers for some great racing and thank you to those that volunteered to help poolside.

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