Novice Gala Report 04-11-2017

On 4th November Newmarket swimming club hosted their novice gala, there were 6 teams in total competing for the trophy. The teams included, First Strokes, Sudbury, Newmarket, Mildenhall, West Suffolk and Ely. Newmarket swimming club had 16 swimmers competing in individual races and relay events, all aiming to gain maximum points for the team. Newmarket swimmers worked hard to gain 20 pb’s and in the result Newmarket came fifth.


The team members were; Kostas, Isaac, Noah, Aarnavh, Lewis, Aden, Riley, Kieran, Charlotte, Freya, Lainey, Kayleigh, Chloe, Natalia, Hollie and Emily.


Thank you to all the officials, helpers on the door, poolside helpers and the junior captains for help marshalling the swimmers.


Well done



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