Sudbury Last Chance Meet

Sudbury Last Chance Meet

Newmarket swimming club attended the Sudbury last chance meet on the weekend of the 6th&7th January. The 44 Newmarket swimmers attended the two day meet held to allow swimmers to achieve county times (held at the beginning of Feb) and regional times (held in May).


Our 44 swimmers were; Curtis Baldwin, Zak Baldwin, Cameron Beavis, Sonia Bersan, Gemma Booth, Alice Bradford, Katie Cameron, Paris Cole, Charlie Davis, Ruby Davis, Thomas Deaton, Raven Dodsworth, Terri Dodsworth, Sam Everitt, Beatrice Gibbs, Rose Green, Sophie Hood, Darcy Keates, Isabella Kuemerle-Pinillos, Noah Mann, Kostas Mantis, Spyros Mantis, Etholle Marks, Ella McGonigle, Lili-Rose Merrifield, Elizabeth Michielin, Milena Michielin, Victoria Michielin, Hailey Myers, Hollie Myers, Henry Newell, Freya Newman, Lewis Oliver, Daisy Phillips, Elsie Pooley, Maeve Pooley, Chloe Pringle, Adrija Raudonyte, Alexandra Rice, Charlotte Rice, Jack Saunders, Georgina Stokes, Miriam Stratfold and Flossie Talbot.


The results from the weekend were fantastic. Day 1 was our busiest day with a total of 36 swimmers competing throughout the day. At the end of day 1 there was a total of 89 pb’s, 12 county times and 5 regional times.


Day 2 with only 16 swimmers in each session, the results were; 27 pb’s, 9 county times and 2 regional times. As a total over the weekend 116 pb’s, 21 county times and 7 regional times were achieved. Fantastic! Thank you to all our officials that took time out of their weekend to help at Sudbury.


Well done everyone!

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