Summer League Round 1

On Saturday 14th April, 16 swimmers from Newmarket swimming club attended the 1st round of the summer league hosted by Beccles at Bungay. Newmarket were competing against; West Suffolk, Stowmarket, Lowestoft and Beccles. The swimmers competed in individual races and relay events from which the points are combined for the team total. The swimmers achieved 26 personal best times and had some high placings throughout the evening, the team finished 4th overall with 129 points.



The 16 swimmers that competed are; Sophia Trembath, Arielle Mabute, Danielle Borowski, Phoebe Mallen, Ava Trembath, Grace Pedretti, Daisy Phillips, Lainey Broussard, Hollie Myers, Tobias Matthews, Jacob Broussard, Marcos Bravo, Aden Mabute, Kieran Oliver, Kaleb Borowski and Gabriel Bravo.


Thank you to the officials that helped at the meet, the parents for their support, Leslie for your help, and of course the swimmers for swimming superbly!



Well done!




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