We don’t have pocket rockets we have Sky Rockets

What a great evening yet again at the 2nd round of the National Arena League.


Following on from a great presentation evening (late evening for some) we again hosted the National Arena League with teams from Dereham Otters, UEA City of Norwich “B” and Bromcote.
It started with us winning the first event with Lauren in the 100m I/M this was the start of some very tight and exciting races, overall we were 1st 24 times 2nd in 18, 3rd in 7 and 4th just once finalising with the points being Newmarket 215, Dereham Otters 167, Bromcote 165 & Norwich 150.


A big thank you to all those in the Box, the whites, those on the door and those I may have missed of for yet another very well run event.

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