Winter Regional Results

Winter Regional Results

Attending the Winter Regionals were, Lauren, Thomas A, Ciara, Charlie, Gemma, Harry S and Ashley.

We had some good results going into our first long Course Level 1 meet for the year being very close to or gaining PB’s. The most impressive times came from Harry Saunders gaining very good PB’s and regional times, in both the 50m (26.66) & 100m F/c (58.06)events, Ashley was close to his PB in the 50m B/c and Thomas, Gemma, Ciara & Lauren all gained L/c PB’s with Lauren also getting 1st Res 100m F/c, and bringing her 10th place in the 200m I/M to 6th in the final.

Well done to everyone and thanks to Will Talbot for officiating (his first Level 1 meet)


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