Youth East Region Championships

Last weekend saw the Youth East Region Championships where we had seven swimmers competing in a variety of events.


Lauren Watt, Harry Saunders, Gemma Booth, Henry Newell, Ignacio Larghero, Thomas Allison & Ciara Gill-Ryan


Unfortunately Henry was not feeling well and withdrew from most of his events but had finished 11th in the 100m Freestyle and 7th in the 50m Freestyle before doing so.


Gemma gained seven PB's and finished 8th in the 400m I/M, Ciara gained two PB's and equalled another and finished 7th in the final for the 50m Butterfly.  Harry had one Pb along with Thomas.


Nezz gained two and was 2nd in the 50m Freestyle final and just pipped to fourth by 0.05 secs in the 100m Freestyle and although Lauren didn’t gain any PB’s she was 5th in the 200m Breaststroke but withdrew from the final, 5th in the 100m Breaststroke & 8th in the 100m Freestyle.


Congratulations to all our swimmers.

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